About Us

About Us

Muslim Coffins working in partnership with Cutchi Sunni Muslim Association (Birmingham) in manufacturing Quality Coffins and Caskets which are approved F.F.M.A and The Guild Of Master Craftsman.

We are a charity that provides FREE Funeral Service for the Needy. In order to finance our charitable works, we have launched our unique range of Caskets and Coffins which include the following:

  1. Coffins and Caskets with beautiful engraved Islamic calligraphy routered into the wood. Coated in high veneer spec with 11-inch viewing window. Finished with a beautiful trim and stapled without glue. Casket come with 4 or 6 Gold handles with internal Frill and Crembag.
  2. Veneered Coffins and Caskets, finished in high spec with 4 or 6 Gold handles, Crembag and white internal Frill.
  3. MDF Coffins with 4 or 6 Gold handles and recessed joints. Viewing Window cut to 11 inches with beautiful finish trim. Our MDF Coffins are the highest quality from any others that we have seen.

Whilst we are the cheapest in the UK, we have our eye on superior quality. Should you be unhappy with any of our products we will REPLACE and REFUND your purchase.

Registered Charity Number 1191942 (www.csmabirmingham.co.uk)